The Science behind VITALIUM

VITALIUM is a broad-spectrum nutraceutical and functional food.
Unique in its composition and structure
Vitalium is comprised of the 20 Amino Acids essential for the continuation of life.
These amino acids form the unique building blocks of the human body.
Providing the structure within cells and allowing for their growth, regeneration and repair.

VITALIUM is absorbed, not digested, by the body. This means that it retains its energy and functionality in its entirety, without any loss during the digestion process. This is a significant advantage as it ensures that individuals receive the maximum nutritional value from VITALIUM, allowing them to harness its full potential.

As a result of highly efficient absorption, the complete structure of VITALIUM and the high energy yield, the beginning of the effects are felt within a few minutes.

Our body comprises over 293,000 peptides and over 30,000 proteins – polypeptides – long peptide chains.
All of the physical structures such as muscles, collagen, sinew, and bone structure.
The basis of enzymes, structures, connective tissue and just about everything else in our body is protein..

VITALIUM comprises pre-digested peptides which fulfill all of the requirements of the body in both form and function
Nearly all neurotransmitters, hormones, enzymes and bodily processes are comprised almost entirely of peptides.

Being absorbed by the very efficient PEPT1 transport system, which functions no matter what the condition of the digestive system,
The nutrients are absorbed through the epithelial cells in the intestine, directly in to the bloodstream and put to work immediately within the body.

VITALIUM is pre-digested, meaning that it is already in a structure that our body can use, requiring no real overhead to be absorbed and used within the body.
All other forms of protein available need to be digested, a process which takes between 6.5 and 8 hours to complete, which is very energy-intensive, draining vital energy and nutrients simply for the purpose of getting more nutrients into our bodies.

As we age or when we are in a bad physical condition, the digestive overhead increases and the amount of nutrients that is absorbed and utilized by the body as a protein decreases.
Even if the absorption remains the same, when the digestive overhead increases, an increasing number of absorbed amino acids are oxidized by the liver and converted to glucose and used for energy-production, or retained by the amino acid pools for digestion, leaving the body with less and less nutrients to be utilized from growth, repair and functionality.

Starved of the vital amino acids that we need to function optimally, the body starts to reduce the functionality.
As the levels of those vital amino acids become critical, our body starts to feed off itself, a condition called sarcopenia (or muscle wasting disorder).
Muscle mass decreases as a result and can start from as young as the age of 25,
but typically from the age of 30 to 35.

As a result of highly efficient absorption, the complete structure of VITALIUM and the high energy yield,
the beginning of the effects are felt within a few minutes.

Effects continue indefinitely until such time as the body has normalised to the degree that it is capable of through nutrition.
Functionality is normalised down to a cellular level and the body brought into balance.
Reducing inflammatory pain, increasing the rate of repair, rejuvenating and restoring lost functionality, increasing strength, energy,
mental clarity and endurance.