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Vitalium embodies Future Nutrition.

The essential building blocks of the body naturally needed for all it’s processes.
A 100% Natural Functional Food.

The foundational system behind all metabolic processes, biological structure and function (the cogs that run the machine).
Enhancing regeneration by providing the biologically active nutrients required within cells and allowing for their growth, regeneration and repair.

Our vision is to treat the cause rather than the symptoms, healing the body from within.

Vitalium provides an easy and complete way to access all 20 essential Amino acids in a unique Tri-peptide form, filling the gaps in the body to reach its full potential as it is rare to consume in a daily diet and retain the body’s essential nutrional value.

Improves Mood + Reduces Stress

Aiding as inhibitory neurotransmitters to reduce stress levels, producing a calming effect and promoting better sleep, essential for mental health and mood balancing.

– Increased mental clarify, focus and attention span.
– Improved recovery from stressful events.
– Improved oxygenation of the body and brain

Energy + Performance

Converts fatty acids and glucose into energy.

– Increased fitness capability due to improved recovery rate and extent(super compensation)
– Vasodilation which increases blood flow to smooth muscle tissue
– Increases strength and stamina when taken before exercise
– Increases levels of Creatine which regenerates ATP (our primary source of energy)
– Contains Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) which increase the rate of muscle synthesis, but
unlike other BCAA products, it contains all of the required amino acids for muscle synthesis
so is the only effective BCAA product

Improves Focus + Concentration

Increased mental clarity, focus and attention span

Gut Health

Gut health is the backbone to all health.
Supporting a healthy and diverse microbiome.

– Improved digestive function and nutrient absorption
– Restores a balanced internal functional state
– Restores depleted nutrient levels to raise levels of functionality
– Helps to eliminate waste and neutralize toxins in the body


Weight Management

Couteracts fat storage and breaks down fatty acids assisting in weight management.

Balance Sugar Levels

Regulate blood sugar levels.

Organic Iron Source

Contains organic iron preventing and assists in treating anemia caused by low iron levels.

 – Improving memory and fatigue.

Hormone Balance


– Hormone production and release
– Nervous system function

Anti-Ageing + Cell Rejuvenation

Increased absorbtion of calcium and formation of collagen, elastin, connective and muscle tissue.
Filling damaged hair gaps, provides a keratin boost, hydration, volume and strength.

– Increased nail growth, strengthening brittle nails and provides resilience protecting your nails from damage or stress
– Powerful anti-oxidant function
– Renewal and regeneration of all structures in the body
– Improves condition of hair, skin and nails
– Increases collagen production
– Improves firmness of skin

Reduces Inflammation

Performs a anti-inflammatory and prolonged analgesic (pain relieving) effect.

– Proven to reduce pain and depression in people with fibromyalgia.

Growth, Repair + Recover

Repair, recovery and wound healing.

– Increased mobility and flexibility
– Reduced inflammation and inflammatory pain, leading to a growth and recovery state

Strengthened Immunity

Key nutrients for immune cells, instructing immune cell function.


Contributes to relaxation and healthy sleep patterns.

Essential Amino-Acids + Tri-Peptide

Improved blood circulation, haemoglobin levels and oxygenation of the body.

Allergies + Asthma Management

Forms histamine as a neurological compound released during allergic responses.
Foundational Support for Compromised body functionality.

Experience body transformation

Boost the body’s natural ability to regenerate