Anti-ageing Benefits

Ageing is a degenerative process which affects us all. There are, however, points when the ageing process accelerates and degeneration takes over. VITALIUM counteracts this and slows down the ageing process as a result.

Anti-ageing benefits attributed to VITALIUM are extensive and can be summarised as follows:

  • Restoration of depleted nutrient levels
  • Restoration of depressed functionality
  • Whole-body Regeneration
  • Improvement in condition of hair, skin and nails
  • Improved mobility and elasticity of muscles
  • Decreased inflammation, muscular and joint pain
  • Improved mental function and focus levels
  • Improved overall feeling of wellbeing

Anti-ageing requirements apply to both young and old. Young, healthy-looking people want to stay looking young and healthy, whilst older people would like to reduce the appearance of ageing as well as reduce the effects of ageing – such as aches and pains throughout one’s body, wrinkles, reduced muscle mass, strength and endurance levels. Energy and fitness levels along with levels of focus and concentration also drop significantly in the aged. These are all related to the depletion of the require nutrients from our diet to sustain and maintain our bodies. Every muscular protein molecule in our body needs to be maintained at least every 3 days, some sooner. Our internal organs are also made of protein and as the degeneration of our bodies becomes visible, so too does the equivalent degeneration of our internal organs occur.

Recovery from degeneration and restoration of normal levels of functionality is determined by the levels of the correct nutrients in one’s system. VITALIUM supplies the building blocks for all of the required nutrients and assists the body to both create and utilise the required nutrients, allowing the body to begin the process of reversing degeneration attributed to depletion of those nutrients in our system, improving all aspects of condition within the body.