VITALIUM is an incredibly powerful assist for anyone with some sort of health or wellbeing issue, anyone seeking to improve their performance, strength, fitness or endurance on any level or anyone in general over the age of 35.

What one wants to achieve from VITALIUM is governed in part by the dosage and how one uses it and in part by one’s own actions.

Loading Period

The first 3 days for the average body is a loading period, whereby the body is correcting digestive issues, replenishing depleted peptide reserves and reconstituting hormones, neurotransmitters, enzymes, immunity and other critical peptides in the body. The more depleted you feel, the more likely you will need to increase your dose for the first 3 days. A general suggestion is to double the dose for first 3 days and then revert to a maintenance dose thereafter.

General Wellbeing

For anyone who has no serious problems but would like to improve their general wellbeing it is suggested to take VITALIUM every day, but preferably twice a day. When one takes it will determine when it is available for use in the body and to some extent, what is done with it. To some extent it is also determined by the physical experience when taking it. The effects will last a long time, but it does peak in the first couple of hours after ingestion.  Some people are more sensitive to others and those people should be more aware of VITALIUM at work in their bodies and will be able to judge better when it is more suitable to their goals, but for everyone else, here are some basic guidelines:

  1. If you are going to forget to take a second dose of VITALIUM, take your daily dose when it best suits you
  2. For people looking to increase their energy levels during the day, take half the daily dose in the morning and half in the afternoon (it doesn’t matter if taken with meals or not)
  3. For people looking for deeper sleep, experiment with taking half the dose during the day and half at night, if you are experiencing  too much energy or too many dreams and not enough deep sleep, change to taking your dose during the day
  4. For people trying to achieve greater daytime energy and better sleep at night, try taking it 3 times a day – morning, afternoon and night
  5. When the effects are not achieving the desired results it is most likely because the body has used all of the peptides for critical internal functions and the dose should be increased temporarily to achieve the desired effect

Sports, Events, Stressors

VITALIUM will assist with both a stressful event or period as well as the recovery thereafter. So if you are facing such as stressor, whether it be a very long meeting at work, a period of intense concentration, an exercise workout, race or other sporting event, a long drive, a flight, etc…the suggestion is to increase your dosage to 1 tablet per 10 kg or 1 tablet per 7.5 kg of body weight and split the dosage, taking half directly before and half directly after the event. This will assist greatly with both performance or dealing with the even and recovery directly thereafter.