Stress Benefits

Stress has a serious impact on our bodies because it changes our normal cycles of energy-requiring during the day and growth/repair overnight, to a more energy-centric (energy-requiring state) for the duration of the stress. This is known as a catabolic state which leads to the breakdown of nutrition in the body to be converted to energy. Prolonged stress leads to prolonged damage and a decline in overall condition. Whatever the stressor, a cycle of repair is required to avoid the damage.

VITALIUM replaces lost nutrients and facilitates the repair cycle overnight, allowing the body to repair and recover from the damage caused by the stressors. VITALIUM also assists with deeper sleep, which allows for mental and emotional recovery as well as physical recovery. By replenishing the levels of hormones and nutrients, one is able to cope better with the stress, which subsequently has a lesser effect on the body, diminishing the impact of that stress.