Wellbeing Benefits

Our bodies act very negatively to stress and force us into a state of rest so that they can recover, usually by creating an inflammatory and painful response. Of course, there are problems with that in the modern world. We don’t have the luxury of sufficient time to rest and the body will take longer if the nutrient base required for recovery is not optimal. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, our bodies are less and less able to absorb nutrients from our diet as we get older. Our wellbeing suffers, not only because we cannot recover, but also because inflammation prevents recovery and in itself causes both degeneration of the body and a lot of discomfort, undermining both our actual wellbeing as well as our experience of wellbeing.

VITALIUM changes all that. Within minutes it starts to improve our experience and feeling of wellbeing. After a few days, nutrient levels are restored, the body becomes more balanced and the pain and inflammation levels drop, then the feeling of wellbeing increases, along with higher levels of mobility, comfort and motivation. When this is accompanied by even a modest level of exercise, improvements in wellbeing are felt even more.