Product Information

VITALIUM comprises all 20 amino acids required by people, in peptide form, along with essential electrolytes, minerals and organic iron in the form of heme.


VITALIUM is absorbed, not digested, which means that it retains it’s energy, it’s full functionality and there is virtually no overhead​ ingesting this vital source of nutrition.


Our body comprises over 230,000 peptides and over 30,000 proteins (polypeptides – long peptide chains). VITALIUM comprises pre-digested peptides which fulfill all of the requirements of the body in both form and function (nearly all neurotransmitters, hormones, enzymes and bodily processes are comprised almost entirely of peptides. Being absorbed by the very efficient PEPT1 transport system, which functions no matter what the condition of the digestive system, The nutrients are absorbed through the epithelial cells in the intestine, directly in to the bloodstream and put to work immediately within the body.


As a result of highly efficient absorption, the complete structure of VITALIUM and the high energy yield, the beginning of the effects are felt within a few minutes. Effects continue indefinitely until such time as the body has normalised to the degree that it is capable of through nutrition. Functionality is normalised down to a cellular level and the body brought into balance. Reducing inflammatory pain, increasing the rate of repair, rejuvenating and restoring lost functionality, increasing strength, energy, mental clarity and endurance.