Health Facts

When we remove the fat and water from our body, what remains is 98% protein. The building blocks of our entire body – almost all functionality and all structure are the 20 amino acids found in Vitalium. These proteins and peptides that our bodies comprise of are constantly being recreated because they have a half-life and need to be re-created or repaired on and ongoing basis. Between 300 and 400 grams of protein in our body is broken down (catabolism) and recreated (anabolism) daily. When the balance of destruction of our proteins and recreation, starts to move towards catabolism, this leads to reduced functionality, low energy, low immunity, damage accumulation, ageing and low health. Whenever the energy demands of our body increase or we are inflicted with illness, stress, environmental or dietary toxins, we move towards a catabolic state, destroying proteins to be converted to energy. This is a counter-productive state causing low energy, low immunity, accumulated damage and low health.

In order to recover from this state, our body needs to move into an anabolic state. Because of its unique structure and form, Vitalium promotes anabolism, providing all of the building blocks the body requires in a biologically available form, which then places the body into a fed state, absorbed without digestion (which would otherwise consume 80% of our energy), with a very low energy overhead, thus raising our energy levels, which is required for anabolism to take place. The result is a state of growth, regeneration and repair which leads to good health. Maintaining daily doses of Vitalium is the best possible way of achieving good health and wellbeing.