Performance Facts

VITALIUM in itself is a pure, alkaline nutrient base which saves the body from up to 10 hours of processing (digestion and synthesis) and massive energy expenditure in order to produce the same nutrients. Unlike conventional marketing views for performance products, the reality for the body is that the essential peptides which make up all of the conventional functioning in our bodies, need to exist in order for that functionality to occur.

VITALIUM supplies these peptides or their pre-cursors in abundance, giving the body almost instantly-available resources it would otherwise spend many hours producing.  This means true performance-enhancement, on-demand!

VITALIUM underpins your normal performance program, improving the efficacy of your diet by requiring less nutrients to be converted to energy, thus improving the overall nutrient base and condition of your body along with it’s performance levels.

Key to performance is energy levels, which VITALIUM supplies in abundance! Both physical and mental levels are increased, recovery rates are vastly improved as are oxygen levels in the blood, leading to substantial gains in both fitness and performance.