Recovery Facts

VITALIUM improves recovery levels and rates in nearly all cases where recovery is required. Whether it be recovery from strenuous exercise, injury, illness, stress, mental or physical fatigue, nutritional disorders or chronic deficiencies…VITALIUM will help you recovery much faster than expected.

VITALIUM provides all the building blocks for the body and it’s functionality, but at the same time, assists the body to achieve an anabolic (growth) state and balances/normalises the body, achieving the optimal growth and regeneration state for the body’s condition. This leads to incredible recovery and rates of recovery.

VITALIUM reduces or eliminates the post-exercise pain and inflammation that athletes suffer from after strenuous exercise, leading to increases in strength and fitness levels as well.

People suffering from chronic pain conditions report a substantial reduction is the pain levels and in many cases, a complete elimination of the pain.

People suffering from chronic disorders, exhaustion, low energy levels, similarly report a feeling of recovery to normal or close to normal levels.

The same principles apply to everyone in need of recovery, making VITALIUM the supplement of choice when in need of recovery.