Strength and Endurance Facts

VITALIUM increases physical strength and endurance capabilities from the first dose. There is a direct correlation between serum albumin peptide levels and strength. VITALIUM is absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the epithelial cells with very little overhead, within minutes of ingestion, increasing strength and endurance.

Over time, this capability is improved, improving oxygen levels through the production of more hemoglobin levels in the blood, increasing endurance, which is assisted by optimising performance levels of internal functionality, hormone production, energy levels and delivery, increasing both strength and endurance levels for months after beginning supplementing with VITALIUM.

VITALIUM helps the body to recover quicker and to higher levels. This is the principle behind fitness – the body experiences a stressor, such as exercise, it then recovers and “supercompensates”, which takes the baseline fitness to a higher level. Each time this occurs, strength and endurance increases. VITALIUM increases the rate and extent of that supercompensation, leading to higher and higher fitness levels than ordinarily possible.